Soula/Swarm – From canvas to the sewing machine

I have lovely friends. So many of them. One of these wonderful friends was at an Amsterdam market and saw something she thought I would like.

It was a Swarm clutch. Beautiful Robyn bought it for me. It arrived in the mail. We hadn’t met yet. I LOVED IT.

That bunch of goodness set my creative inspiration sky high and I had to find Swarm.

Swarm was founded by Leslie Oschmann who doesn’t only apply found objects to bags, but also jewellery, furniture and furnishings. She’s an incredible inspiration.

I know some might debate whether this is/isn’t love of art so I got around that by offering to collaborate with my own work. I was ecstatic Leslie agreed to an initial test project (of which part of is tucked under my arm daily).

We exchanged our talents and it went very well.

Life changed shortly after the collaboration and my new day job offered a place for more Soula/Swarm product.

The rest, as they say, is history. Many thanks Leslie! I look forward to us meeting one day.

All items can be purchased online at or directly from Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop.

Postage costs to be quoted and are additional to sale prices.

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Soula/Swarm - From canvas to the sewing machinesoula