Resident artist – Streeton Prints Exhibition

Am I Streeton inspired? Of course!

And as the gallery Director of QG&W I not only have the privilege of placing myself in the Streeton Prints artists in residence project but I also felt I needed to – kind of practice my preach.

With Theo as my printer (and my little bit more) I’m finally looking forward to getting back into regular art practice and as you’ll see from the video, leave my glam on in the process! Theo’s got the apron, gloves and clean up covered… actually, and most of the print. During the residency I managed to print 3 linocuts and a wood engraving that I had carved months ago. For me, printing and seeing these as complete works was huge.

Watching QG&W artists while they run workshops has taught me so much and I’m fueled. Thought No 1 – but what to do first? Thought No 2 answers that – I can only do what I can physically and mentally manage in very short periods.

That’s difficult. Creating work this way, is almost impossible – the idea development gets broken… but I have to take what I can get.

The work I’m executing now I believe is helping to de clutter my brain – it’s been gathering ideas for 10 years and 99% of them haven’t been executed. The current process is serving as a warm up, just as one minute sketches are to life drawing sessions. I will need to manage the stream of ideas and learn how to sort what to do and what not to do?

For now, here’s me, jumping in and granting myself permission not to create a master piece but instead apply my beloved Parisian topic to new mediums in order to get my flow going.

My Streeton influence

I believe it was Sir Arthur Streeton and his peers who taught me how to make a visual record and document the ‘moments’ and ‘places’ in my life.

In places where I have lived, I document the facades as a kind of homage. The period architecture I am particularly drawn to is the late 1800’s to early 1900’s – a Streetonesqu time.
When traveling however, documentation morphs into a quick and energetic record. My sole purpose of travel has never been for art’s sake so I need to work with short periods of time.

To work fast I keep my medium simple – I draw in a journal with pen or pencil. These diary like entries serve as a long-term reference. The scribbly drawings are simple memories that capture enough character and become resources for me to further develop, sometimes years late.

Resident artist - Streeton Prints Exhibitionsoula

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