Geelong College Carnival Art Show Finalist

A wonderful welcome from a neighbouring community since moving to Queenscliff. Thank you Geelong College.

My prints; Gertrude Streetscape (Southside Plate 2), Little Smith Street Fitzroy & Nude Laying Prone, were three of the 70+ pieces selected from 300 pieces as finalists in The Geelong College Art Show.

I was pretty honored to be hanging with a great and various group of artists and it was a huge treat to be chatting to Dean Bowen and his partner Diane Soumilas (curator Glen Eira City Council) last night at opening night. David Beaumont (pictured) you were best in show for me!

Here’s some more info on the Carnival and if anyone is up for a few rides and viewing the exhibition, it’s on today. Don’t forget to vote for me!

My work is for sale and please note all proceeds go to the Parent Associations and Give Where You Live.

(Excerpt from the Geelong College website)

We are excited to present the Carnival Art Show featuring paintings, sketches, sculptures and more by up to 100 artists for viewing and purchase. All proceeds will go to the Parent Associations and Give Where You Live. This is a wonderful opportunity for people to connect with artists over drinks and nibbles and to be inspired by their beautiful works. We look forward to welcoming artists, buyers and sponsors to this fantastic VIP event. The Art Show will also be open to the community on Saturday.

A Collectors’ Wall curated by leading Indigenous art experts McCulloch & McCulloch will feature the works of key Indigenous artists from across Australia. A Feature Wall will be another highlight of the night with an exhibition of paintings, sculptures and editioned prints by award-winning artist Dean Bowen.

Geelong College Carnival Art Show Finalistsoula

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