Byzantine Icon Etchings

Very pleased with this set of work.

Fancy me being able to make a body of work – I’ve been busting to do this for years. I miss developing, expanding an idea and then bringing all parts of it together to see what amounts.

That gives me great satisfaction. 

My continued search for ways to keep producing art remain complex and frustrating.

But this time, the challenge led me somewhere really great. 

This isn’t 100% independent activity as Theo prepares and files the copper plates, and editions the prints but the drawing and guilding of the icons is my bit. 

Not only that, I can draw and guild at night time – my most difficult time of the day.

Guilding is so precious and a gentle – almost therapeutic activity. It’s so delicate and the excess gold leaf that flies around is so beautiful. I find it floating about for days afterwards!

Small edition sizes of just 10. Image size 10cm x 7cm. Available at QG&W

St Patrick, St Irene, St George, St Nikolas, St Minas, St Catherine of Siena, St Elizabeth, St Stefano (and a framed example of St. George).

Byzantine Icon Etchingssoula