Venice drawing & painting

Well Venice was just brilliant!

I tried to do at least one drawing of Theo per day. The sketches of Theo take between 10 and 20 mins – they really are very quick sketches.

You can find many more of my sketches via the following two #links:

I couldn’t paint every day but I’m grateful to the medium of watercolour as it’s easy, fast and I could sometimes manage the materials and process.

Theo still carried all my things even though they were just a few kilos. A few kilos across a fair bit of walking distance ads up and so I take any help I can get. That ensures I get maximum capacity for the day.

Although drawing and painting are a gift to me, I can’t manage either when even the slightest bit of fatigue hits. It’s so frustrating!!!

But perhaps I’m taking the brain energy required for drawing and painting too lightly – alot goes on in the brain in order to whip up a drawing!

I will certainly be working from my drawings and photos but most of all from my memories of Venice in order to create more work. 

Speaking of memories, that is one thing I realised about my drawing – that I document from memory and view for reference. I realised this when I first arrived in Venice and couldn’t seem to sketch Theo correctly. 

I realised he was in unfamiliar surrounds and I couldn’t resort to my memory like I usually do, rather, I had to look at the scene he was in, learn it and then resume the fast sketching afterwards. 

I found out something I never knew about the way I apply myself to my art practice. I loved the new challenge of learning the Venetian surrounds! This familiarity will help me make the work back home.

We both had the most amazing time committing to beautiful Venice for two full weeks.

Thank you to those of you who followed and encouraged me in Venice. Such a compliment to read the beautiful messages. It felt like you were all there with me.

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Venice drawing & paintingsoula

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