Words go before pictures

As a graphic designer, the very first stage after receiving a client brief was to write down any related words that came to mind. Then I’d search for definitions, and continue adding more words that could further help decipher the brief and clarify my direction.

I’ve seen modern day designers take the client brief and jump straight on to their search engines in hope of finding related solutions. They call it ‘looking for inspiration’.

They succeed only in finding someone else’s inspiration and someone else’s solution. And often these solutions subconsciously remain in their minds finding their way to the pasteboard, then into the concept and ultimately in ‘their’ solution.

Regurgitating a solution is a recycled answer. That wasn’t good enough for my clients. An unoriginal idea is not nailing the brief and chances are that solution won’t have longevity. It will most likely fall short of achieving what it should.

What’s this got to do with my life today given I’m not answering briefs anymore? Well, words are still my guiding light. I keep a journal – I have done so for decades. When I can’t express myself, writing seems to unravel my thoughts and puts them on a page for me (it’s messy!).

The last 10 years have mostly seen me writing about chronic pain but in managing that now, I plan to write here alot more… I plan to pull my focus over to my art. I’ve realised, I need to write to do that – it’s a huge part of my creative process.

It’s not about people reading what I’ve got to say, I’m not searching for feedback. This is a process for me – a process for many.

To make it clearer, all the ‘text only’ posts will be categorised under ‘Words‘. And it’ll be easier if I don’t have to make pictures for the words here… I’ll just write.

Words go before picturessoula

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